• AD-S

  • Cables free & Quick replace
    Without cable troubles & Back unit can be quickly independently replaced without power off once control card problems   

  • BNC connector +BNC system
    BNC connector is stronger than RJ45 connector ,Smart software setting without computer

  • Multi-function Setting Panel
    Smart IP address setting, R/G/B/W test mode, working indicator , temperature and working hours status for every panel

  • Control system is optional
    We can customize a LED screen with innovative BNC system or make a standard LED screen with RJ45 connections.

  • Multi-function driver IC
    Support single pixels’ brightness & color calibration saving with PWM function and Color temperature is adjustable


Model No.S4iS5iS6iS8i
Pixel pitch4mm5mm6.67mm8mm
Min. view distance4 M5 M6 M8 M
LED TypeSMD2020SMD2020SMD3528SMD3528
Brightness (nits/ m²)1500180018001800
Panel Size (W×H×D)640x640x90 mm640x640x90 mm640x640x90 mm640x640x90 mm
Panel area0.4096 m²0.4096 m²0.4096 m²0.4096 m²
Pixels/ m²62,50040,00022,50015,625
Panel materialDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminum
Viewing Horz/Vert160°/ 140°160°/ 140°150°/ 140°150°/ 140°
Weight/panel11.5 kg11.5 kg11.5 kg11.5 kg
IP rating (front/rear)IP31/IP31IP31/IP31IP31/IP31IP31/IP31
Color depth14 BIT14 BIT14 BIT14 BIT
Scan mode1/161/81/81/4
Refresh rate≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ
Ave. power/panel80102115143
Max. power/panel160205229286
Work temperature -20℃ – 45℃ -20℃ – 45℃ -20℃ – 45℃ -20℃ – 45℃
Work voltageAC 110-240VAC 110-240VAC 110-240VAC 110-240V
Operating systemWin7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP 
Installation modeStacking & HangingStacking & HangingStacking & HangingStacking & Hanging



Accessory Description

Hanging BreaketMain power cable 20MCabinet power cable 350mmPower connector Male

Power connector FemaleConnect PinCAT5 cable 50mCabinet signal cbale 350mm

Signal ConnectorFlight case Video processorBNC controller

Power distributorVideo processor video processor