• AD-S

  • Front service 

    Takeout any module in front of screen, true front maintenance can be replacedwithout power off.

  • Cable free design

    Without cables inside of cabinet, it avoids all possible failures of signal connections

  • Water proof

    Front side IP65 ,Back side IP65 ,Make sure your outside working safty.

  • Multi-function Setting Panel

    Smart IP address setting, R/G/B/W test mode, working indicator , temperature and working hours status for every panel



Model No.S5S6S8S10
Pixel pitch5mm6.67mm8mm10mm
Min. view distance5 M6 M8 M10 M
LED TypeSMD2727SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535
Brightness (nits/ m²)6500650065006500
Panel Size (W×H×D)640x640x90 mm640x640x90 mm640x640x90 mm640x640x90 mm
Panel area0.4096 m²0.4096 m²0.4096 m²0.4096 m²
Pixels/ m²40,00022,50015,62510,000
Panel materialDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminum
Viewing Horz/Vert140°/ 140°140°/ 140°140°/ 140°140°/ 140°
Weight/panel13.5 kg13.5 kg13.5 kg13.5 kg
IP rating (front/rear)IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65
Color depth14 BIT14 BIT14 BIT14 BIT
Scan mode1/81/61/41/2
Refresh rate≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ
Ave. power/panel200190182200
Max. power/panel400380365400
Work temperature -30℃ – 65℃ -30℃ – 65℃ -30℃ – 65℃ -30℃ – 65℃
Work voltageAC 110-240VAC 110-240VAC 110-240VAC 110-240V
Operating systemWin7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP 
Installation modeStacking & HangingStacking & HangingStacking & HangingStacking & Hanging


Accessory Description

Hanging breaketMain Power cable 20mCabinet Power cable 350mmPower connector Male

Power connector femaleConnector PINMian signal cable 50mCabinet Signal cable 350mm

Signal connectorFlight case Video processorBNC controller

Power distributorVideo processor Video processor