• AV-C

  • Front serviced
    Take out any module in front of screen, true front maintenance can be replaced without power off.

  • High transparency
    High Transparent rate is up to 23%, which ensures stable working even in a windy spot

  • Curved angle adjustable
    Inner & Outer arc 0°-10° is adjustable, it can match all kinds of stage design needed

  • Multi-function driver IC
    Support single pixels’ brightness & color calibration saving with PWM function and Color temperature is adjustable

  • Multi-function Setting Panel
    Smart IP address setting, R/G/B/W test mode, working indicator , temperature and working hours status for every panel



Model No.C7C9C12C18
Pixel pitch7.5mm9.375mm12.5mm18.75mm
Min. view distance7 M9 M12 M18 M
LED TypeSMD2727SMD2727SMD2727SMD2727
Brightness (nits/ m²)6000600050005000
Panel Size (W×H×D)600x600x78 mm600x600x78 mm600x600x78 mm600x600x78 mm
Panel area0.36 m²0.36 m²0.36 m²0.36 m²
Pixels/ m²17,77711,3776,4002,844
Panel materialDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminum
Viewing Horz/Vert150°/ 140°150°/ 140°150°/ 140°150°/ 140°
Weight/panel10 kg10 kg10 kg10 kg
IP rating (front/rear)IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65
Color depth14 BIT14 BIT14 BIT14 BIT
Scan mode1/51/41/2Static
Refresh rate≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ≥2000 HZ
Ave. power/panel158126144129
Max. power/panel316256288259
Work temperature -30℃ – 65℃ -30℃ – 65℃ -30℃ – 65℃ -30℃ – 65℃
Work voltageAC 110-240VAC 110-240VAC 110-240VAC 110-240V
Operating systemWin7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP Win7 / Windows XP 
Installation modeStacking & HangingStacking & HangingStacking & HangingStacking & Hanging


Accessory Description

Main power cable 10mCabient signal cable BNC Controller Flight case

Video processor BNC controller Power distributorVideo processor



Video Processor